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September 2018 · Caldas da Rainha, Portugal · Detailed design Phase

Caldas da Rainha is a town 80km north of Lisbon. It is renowned for its ceramics but also for its rich agricultural surroundings. Every day the town welcomes local farmers to a colourful outdoor market to sell their rich and regional vegetables and fruits. Through its proximity to the sea and the Óbidos lagoon, the town also has a strong tradition of fresh fish.

The design seeks to refurbish and requalify the town fish market into an iconic landmark of the town. Composed of traditional local materials, applied as canvases for local artists, the new requalified market seeks to become a symbol of the town as well as a place for education, teaching its users about the sea, it’s life and how to preserve it. A place that gathers fresh quality products in a contemporary space inspired in traditional and local materials.

The team is composed of various artists: Mantraste, Maria Ana Vasco Costa, Filipe Guimarães, Pedro Marchand

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