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We believe architecture is intimately connected to people, and has the opportunity to improve our life and the world we live in every day. It is a vehicle for transformation and for evolution.

Our designs are deeply inspired by the context they are set in, whether sociological, material, historical, they have the ambition to mirror and innovate through their cultural surroundings.

Our clients are completely involved in the design, in a dialogue that specifies each detail for a perfect fit.

Our team is composed of young and fresh architects, willing to change and improve the world we live in!

We involve artists in many designs, such as Maria Ana Vasco Costa, Manuel Caldeira, Mantraste, Francisco Nogueira, Carolina Delgado; and work with experienced teams of engineers and landscape architects, such as Betar, A2P, About Buildings, ProMeE Consulting, Miguel Coelho de Sousa, coordinating a sound and profound approach in each design.


Afonso Almeida Fernandes

Founder & Partner

Carlos Wemans

Senior Architect

Gonçalo Diniz

Senior Architect

Vasco Wemans


Eva Roncon


Ana Leão


Manuel Domingos


Filipa Porfírio


Thank All Our Collaborators Over The Years

Madalena Mariz

Rita Girbal Rodrigues

Francisca Guimarães

Maria Esteves

Catarina Infante da Câmara

Pedro Abreu

Carolina Delgado

Filipa Pais de Faria

Sara Sadrudin

Pedro Marchand

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