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Vitamina P





Belém, Portugal

Vitamina P is a space for psychology, health and well-being that has an impact on the most varied areas of prevention, diagnosis and intervention.

The ground floor, with direct access from the street, was designed mainly for children between 10 and 18 years old. The space brings together 5 distinct areas around a central element. A reception, a library, a games room, a social room, a pantry for general use. In the centre stands out a structure inspired on a scaffold, composed of iron beams and wooden planks, it evolves through various levels, allowing one to study, read, work, rest in different ways at different times, encouraging creativity through its use. The main material is wood, which unfolds through space creating benches, tables, shelves, counters and cabinets.

On the lower floor there are 9 offices connected to each other by a green corridor, equipped with a 12 meter long flower pot. This is a space dedicated to psychology, psychomotricity, speech therapy, among others.

The space is protected, neutral, calm and quiet.

Photography credits: Carolina Delgado

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