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  • Afonso Almeida Fernandes

7 years have passed since the beginning of this journey

In October 2016, following a silent yet compelling instinct, I bid farewell to the previous project I had helped create, to embark on a new one. With a horizon full of uncertainties, strengthened by the support of my wife, I set out in search of something that called out to me. Looking back on the path that led me here, there are four reflections that come to my mind:


I have often been tempted to stay still and be held captive by fear. The fear of taking risks, of change, of failure, of not being able to provide. This fear, seemingly directed at us from all angles – from the economy, to politics, to society, to future projections that tend to have a catastrophic outcome. Putting things into perspective and overcoming this fear is, for me, a daily task. It requires stopping, observing the surroundings, putting things into context, discerning, and then, after some time, trusting the outcome! And even if things go wrong, if what was envisioned isn't achieved, we have moved from where we were, and the perspective changes; we move further. It's through our journey that we suffer, learn, grow, and truly live.


Throughout this journey, there were incredibly challenging moments. There always are in paths that dare to discover and explore the beauty of the unknown. I believe that perseverance, present in any entrepreneurial endeavor, is particularly relevant in architecture. It's perseverance that makes the difference between quality and excellence, and it's precisely this quality I seek and strive to nurture in the day-to-day life of the studio, whether individually or as a team. Perseverance comes with a slight feeling of dissatisfaction, and the combination of the two allows us to go a little further.


It brings me great joy to look back at these 7 years and see that they were filled with love. Love for architecture, for knowledge, for serving others. Love for art, for sharing, for building a team. Love for life, for family, and particularly for my wife, who supports me in everything I do and who now leads this project at my side.


The number 7 is, for many, a symbol of perfection. In the story of creation, it's on the 7th day that God rests, not because He's tired of all He has done, but to contemplate His creation. In the wise words of Father Vasco Pinto Magalhães, 'One only advances when one rests.' Learning to stop is perhaps the greatest challenge in my life. But when I force myself to pause, I create room for contemplation. To contemplate nature, beauty, love, suffering, pain, work, art, life. It's in these moments that I find my place on the path and gather strength to continue.

After 7 years, this chapter of creation and growth comes to an end. We are here to stay, and to start another cycle, filled with everything that characterized the one that has ended. Thank you to all who have been a part of these 7 years!


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