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Almeida Fernandes Arquitetura e Design finishes first JPM Alliance project in Portugal

The investment by the Portuguese-Australian developer exceeds €10 million for a condominium in Oeiras with 10 detached and semi-detached houses, all with garden, parking and sea views. The project relies on the majority use of Portuguese materials or materials processed in Portugal and the units are all already sold.

The Almeida Fernandes Arquitetura & Design Atelier and JPM Alliance, a real estate investment and promotion company, have just announced the completion of the developer’s first project in Portugal, in the municipality of Oeiras, with the construction of a condominium with 10 houses. The company has invested more than €10 million and the new homes are now fully sold.

Vista do Paço, in Paço de Arcos, municipality of Oeiras, is the first project of the real estate investment company in the country, and it is a condominium composed of 10 villas, four of which are detached, and the remaining six are semi-detached. Each detached house is of type T5, with 360 m2 of gross area and also has a panoramic terrace with river/sea views, swimming pool, garden and private parking. On the other hand, the semi-detached houses are in T4 typology, also with swimming pool and green area, two parking spaces and approximately 308 m2 of gross area. All of these houses have a river/sea view. Prices vary and exceed one million euros per unit.

“We are very satisfied with this first project that we have completed in the country, which represents well the company's positioning in construction and real estate development” says Patrícia Almeida, CEO and Founder of JPM Alliance, adding that “for those who invest in real estate construction, they do it with much more than a certain amount. They do it with enthusiasm, with passion and with a lot of time and dedication. This applies to Vista do Paço, which also has the characteristic of being the first major investment in the country, where we are making our mark, by building a project that represents Portugal, both through talent and the raw materials used. ”

The project, in charge of the Almeida Fernandes Arquitetura & Design studio, has a special focus in its portuguese location, with much of the construction being done with Portuguese materials or processed in Portugal.

“It is extremely exciting to be able to work on a project of this magnitude” says Afonso Almeida Fernandes, Founder and Architect at Almeida Fernandes Arquitetura & Design. “We came across a plot in the center of a consolidated urban fabric, so the first focus was on filling the urban space and creating levels on the ground, for the implementation of each house. We wanted to take advantage of the accentuated unevenness that existed and the result is a condominium with a distinctive urban richness, with houses and gardens at different heights, and with unexpected views and frameworks.”

The Vista do Paço project is now in the final stages of construction and all units have been sold. For more information, visit


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