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  • Maria Esteves

Architecture to me is multidisciplinarity

Multidisciplinary is the main wall of architecture, in which it is particular to let new subjects and disciplines come in and out, with the evolution of times, history and people's priorities in the occupation of space.

The multidisciplinarity of architecture is one of its greatest values, which encourages continuous collaboration and instruction, stimulated by the numerous activities associated with the space. From engineering to design, architecture is an area where we are all constantly learning and adapting, not only because of the different scales and typologies we face in each project, in order to create a need for recurrent research, but also because of the continuous advancement of technology and the society we live in.

Mies Van Der Rohe is an eternal and historic architect whose works tend to be simultaneously current, and used as a reference for many post-century new constructions. It is therefore, for me, an inspiration for representing this value of multidisciplinarity and for being able to immortalize his works, from the use of different materials to the design of the smallest detail. These values ​​can be seen in one of his most famous projects - the German Pavilion of the Universal Fair in Barcelona - through rough and heavy slabs that, at the same time, convey a certain lightness as they are supported by a thin steel structure, consisting essentially of vertical and horizontal lines that convey this image of transparency and permeability. Rebuilt in the 1990s as a tribute to the architect and as a symbol of modernism, it is a singular work that created a new style and a new way of looking at architecture.

Uma outra disciplina com a qual a arquitetura tem vindo a trabalhar mais e continuará a ter uma importância crescente é a da sustentabilidade. A integração da construção no ambiente e o respeito da construção pela envolvência deve ser uma prioridade.

The multidisciplinarity I speak of is also easily recognized in John Pawson, who gets involved in different ways in projects and in other artistic areas that interest him. He is a minimalist and an architect who focuses on ways to approach the fundamental problems of space, proportion, light and materials, with whom I strongly identify and whose work is an inspiration.

Another discipline with which architecture has been working more and will continue to be of increasing importance is sustainability. The integration of construction in the environment and the respect of construction for the surroundings must be a priority and CopenHill is a good example, not only for its design and integration into the surroundings, but also for its adaptability to today's times and concern for sustainability in a building. This could just be a new infrastructure, but it ends up becoming a landmark for the city and for the way we look at architecture – still changing the paradigm of space usage, as we can see from the building’s roof that gains new features.

The environment and surroundings simultaneously have this ability to inspire, but also to impose so that we respect what surrounds us. If we want to locate a reality that we know, in creative terms, I am inspired by the environment in which I get involved and that involves my work (the city and technology) – it is what I try to respect the most, the history of the city, in order to be inspired not only by the evolution and novelty in architecture, but also by the memory of it, which helps me to progress and respect the evolution of the city. On another hand, nature and its organic form, its versatile way of adapting to the environment in which it finds itself is also something that inspires me a lot as an architect.

Let's go back to the beginning to conclude that multidisciplinary is the main wall of architecture, in which it is particular to let new subjects and disciplines come in and out, with the evolution of times, history and people's priorities in the occupation of space. Nowadays, we cannot talk about architecture, without talking about sustainability - a discipline recently added and for which we make our clients aware of this area that is simultaneously an investment, but also an opportunity for mutual learning, for that same client, as a user of the space, but also for the architect, in their training and evolution.


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