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September 2018 · Yangon, Myanmar · Design Phase

Schools must be designed to bring people to connect, enhancing creativity and communication, defying students to break barriers and reach higher marks.

This educational project is to be located at the former administrative seat of British Burma. It is a historic landmark in Yangon, built in the late 1800s, in a Victorian-colonial architecture style. With high ceilings and plenty of open space, the building is the perfect location for education and cultural facilities.

The existing space immediately takes us to an industrial past, related to 19th century warehouses, where one can imagine storage racks of wooden boxes from floor to ceiling.

The design concept for this educational facility is deeply inspired by this idea, a warehouse where knowledge is stored and consequently distributed and shared.

By laying wooden boxes throughout the space, the design creates space inside boxes, between boxes and above boxes, creating a dynamic and creative atmosphere, stimulating creativity.

Designed in collaboration with Pedro Marchand Arquitectura.

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