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5 tips for when you are going to build a house

Both in the more technical and in the more personal parts, a good project coordination team, namely an architecture team, can help throughout the process.

Rising prices in the real estate market is yet another reason why many people consider building their dream home. It's a tempting option, but it's important to know the various steps and all the work that goes into it. In this article we give you five tips that you should be aware of when starting with the project of your dream home.

1) Building Ground

First of all, you need to know where you are going to build the house. Everything that follows will depend on this. As with houses, the price of the land varies depending on the location and area and you must also be aware of the specifics of the land to see if it is possible to build the house you have envisioned.

It is important to know the topographical conditions of the space, such as the type of soil, slopes and other characteristics. It is important, at this stage, to enlist the help of specialists.

As for documentation, the land registry certificate and the respective updated land book are important to verify possible charges associated with the land.

You can ask for the Municipal Master Plan (PDM) at the town hall. In this document we find the necessary data to understand if it is possible to build a house on this land and what are its constraints.

2) Project

Once the land has been chosen and purchased, the team of architects to carry out the project takes care of all the design and aesthetics. The architect is the one who ensures that the project meets the legal regulations of the respective municipal council.

Not all municipalities have the same requirements, so the architecture team can help with whatever is necessary for the project to be complete to submit to the council for approval. This also includes specialty projects: sewage, water, gas, electricity and communications. The chamber analyzes these documents and grants the Construction Permit.

3) Construction: choosing a contractor

Then there is the choosing of the contractor and the work team. Here, once again, you can and should count on the experience of the architecture team, not only because they know the qualities and defects of the team applied to real projects, but also because they can guide the entire project from the beginning, for a final result that meets expectations.

History of activities, references from other projects, construction methods and other characteristics are important and no one better than an architect who has worked with these teams to evaluate the work.

Likewise, the verification of an active license, the necessary insurance, the documentation in question, the price of labor, the guarantee and the quality of the team may be in charge of the architect.

4) Construction Credit

If you are going to need bank financing to build your house, you should know that construction credit is also a home loan, but it has different characteristics from traditional purchase credit.

After approval, credit is made available in specific amounts and tranches as the project progresses. The works are visited by experts from the bank, for an inspection that leads to the release of the next installment.

As with housing loans, it is also not common for loans to finance 100% of the value, and banks usually lend between 80% and 90% of the land and project valuation.

5) Finishes and decoration

This is usually the most fun part of building for the homeowner. It is at this stage that the house gains an identity, according to personal tastes in the materials used, such as the floor, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the small features that give a house greater personality.

Both in the more technical and in the more personal parts, a good project coordination team, namely an architecture team, can help throughout the process, without important support and adviser for a final project and a house that is what you want. always dreamed of.


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