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benefits of building your own home

While there are numerous benefits to building your own home, we can highlight five main ones for you to consider when you are ready to take the big step.

Owning a house is a dream for many and an important milestone in a person's life. It is a dream that can be realized in different ways, such as the purchase of a property already built, whether ready to live, new or old, recovered or for works. Another option, increasingly taken into account for its numerous advantages, is to build a house from scratch. We share the top five advantages of building your own home.

Buying a lot is generally a long-term decision. Whether for investment or own use, it is a decision that is not taken lightly, nor thinking only of tomorrow.

Among the different benefist is that we take care of the process, in our time, organizing the details, the budget and all the details. If there is no urgency in moving to the new house, then this is a cheaper alternative and with a result much more in line with initial expectations.

While there are numerous benefits to building your own home, we can highlight five main ones for you to consider when you are ready to take the big step.

1. Cheaper when compared to purchasiung a built house

Buying a house has the benefit of being able to use the property immediately. However, it has a cost: the property ready, in addition to being more expensive, the interest on any financing tends to be higher. Building a house from scratch can be 30% cheaper.

When choosing the option to build a house, you have the possibility to negotiate with suppliers and labor, choose the material with the best cost-benefit or even take advantage of good promotions.

2. Possibility to customize the project

When you embark on the construction of a new house, you certainly already have a dream in your head, an idealization of a project and a very clear vision of the final result. A large balcony, spacious rooms, a brighter and wider living room, a large garden… Everything can be more difficult to find in a single project, but possible in the project of a house you are going to build.

Another positive side is that it is not necessary to do everything at once: you can build it little by little and leave the structure ready to be modified in the future: Leave a possible swimming pool for later, initially have a larger room that can be divided in two, in the future…

It is also important to bear in mind that, when building a house from scratch, it is possible to choose the materials that will be used in the construction, as well as the finishes.

3. Planned payments

In addition to being cheaper to build a home of your own, you can better plan your investment. By having the work plan, the definition of materials, and all the details budgeted, the destination of the money is known and all decisions can be made in a more informed way.

Expenditure planning and phasing is also an advantage and an alternative to not making a very high financial commitment, as you can start by just choosing the land and planning the construction for later.

4. Property Valuation

Those who choose to build their own home usually also think about adding value to their assets, living in that place for longer, leaving something for the next generations...

Thus, when the project is finished, there is an asset with a higher value than the amount initially invested, something that can be seen as financial security in times of uncertainty.

In addition, if it is necessary or there is a desire to sell the property, the value will always be greater, as the profit margin of a built house is greater in relation to the finished property.

5. Construction quality

This is a benefit based upon choosing the right partners for this adventure. A good architecture team, a good project manager, a good construction team will certainly give an excellent final result.

When buying a finished house, all the material is under the responsibility of the builder, that is, it is not always possible to know if everything was done with the expected quality, especially in the parts that are hidden, such as the electrical, hydraulic and bases.

When choosing to buy a used property, the costs can be even higher, as we don't know what the history of the house can hide.

Opting for construction, you are guaranteed to have the house you always dreamed of and with the quality you always dreamed of and deserve. In the long term, this quality avoids major renovations, also ensuring greater financial peace of mind.


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